Lose Belly Fat By Supplementing Vitamin D


Generally, there are two ways our bodies store belly fat; (1) visceral- surrounding internal organs and (2) subcutaneous - beneath the skin, making up around 80% of all body fat! Although subcutaneous fatmakes up a greater sum, visceral fatgarners a higher concern.

Visceral fat - located in the belly - is set deep inside the abdominal cavity, surrounding the organs. Due to the high level of metabolic activity, visceral fat is linked to multiple diseases while also having a higher risk for poor health.

A study that targeted vitamin D levels in an elderly Korean population reveled that individuals with the lowest vitamin D levels. In addition, these same participants contained the highest amounts of visceral fat!

Individuals who display low levels of vitamin D, also tend to have a decrease in lean body mass, along with osteoporosis. Most of all, as vitamin D levels drop, visceral body fat increases! When this type of trend starts, it can turn into a landslide that is difficult to stop! Supplementing with vitamin D and exercise can fortify you form developing the above issues!

Now, I firmly believe that supplementing with vitamin D is a must. This is because our food does not provide the same level of nutrients it once did. However, it's not a bad idea to get this vitamin from whole foods as well! Here is a list of foods that contain high levels of vitamin D;

  • Fatty fish; like tuna, mackerel and salmon

  • Beef liver

  • Cheese

  • Egg yolks

  • Raw milk

  • Mushrooms