Healthy Lifestyle Tips For The Busy Executive


Travel, long hours, high stress and under rested are not phrases you usually hear to describe a healthy lifestyle. However; they do go hand-in-hand with most busy executives in this day and age! In fact, many feel that getting into shape while leading a demanding career is close to impossible. 

At The Gym of Avon we challenge the common way of thinking and believe that it is very possible to stay healthy and fit while juggling a successful working life. Time is of the essence and with little to spare we've made these tips simple and easy to implement. Enjoy!


Forget what you've heard, breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day! At The Gym of Avon we recommend a breakfast that consists of protein, healthy fats and low carbohydrates. Why? The high protein and healthy fat combination promotes steady, sustained energy and concentration. This pairing will balance insulin and blood sugar, while also torching fat throughout the day!


You cannot achieve optimal body composition without exercise. Whether it's early in the AM or later at night, some exercise is better than none. If time is tight, organize workouts in a "circuit/interval" style. If done correctly and intensity is kept high enough, a 20-30 minute routine can burn loads of calories while possibly adding some muscle!


There's enough on your plate, counting calories and complicated nutritional plans are not an option. Instead, at The Gym of Avon we work closely with clients helping them master basic nutritional habits and proper portion control.

We teach our clients to use their hand size when measuring out your portions. Here is an example of what a meal might look like; 1-2 palm sizes of meat or fish, 2-3 fist sizes of veggies and 2-3 thumb sizes of healthy fats. Depending on your goals carbohydrates can be added post workout!


A lot of executives have extremely busy travel schedules, meaning they probably spend half their life in and out of airports! One of the biggest tips for "travel success" is to avoid alcohol and poor quality airport food. Fight the urge and stick with water during your flights and it will make a world a huge difference in how you feel and look!

Make sure you're prepared with healthy snacks such as; beef jerky, trail mix and maybe even a protein bar. This will help keep hunger at bay and prevent you from succumbing to low quality airport food.


Many executives eat out on a regular basis, whether it's attributed to lack of time or business meetings. Either way, it's no excuse to make bad decisions once you find yourself in a restaurant. At first, many clients are unaware of the hidden calories within restaurant food.

A few tips to avoid pitfalls associated with eating out are; try to stick with lean meats as your main dish, accompanied by a side of veggies. Try to steer clear of rich sauces or having your vegetables covered in dressings, butter or the like (this will only beef up the calories). Also, organic based restaurants are showing up more and more in major cities, try to scout these out ahead of time so you can eat well when away from home!