Healthy Habit: Pick One & Grow It Strong


As the Spanish proverb states; "habits start as cobwebs, and grow to be cables". At The Gym of Avon we show clients how to pick a healthy habit and develop it. Rather than attempting a massive overhaul, pick ONE of the following habits and do it for 14 days before adding another!

#1Exercise for 30 minutes

#2Take fish oil and a multivitamin at breakfast

#3Drink at least 8 cups of water

#4Eat at least 4, one-cup servings of vegetables

#5Sleep at least 6-8 hours (include naps and night-time sleep)

#6With each meal, stop eating when 80% full

#7.If possible, twice during the work day, get up and do 5 minutes of muscle stretching

#8.Eat 4-5 meals

#9Eat lean protein with each meal

#10Replace grains with greens during each meal