Fish Oil: Fight Fat With Fat


By now we’re all familiar with the many talents that fish oil brings to the table; reduced inflammation, improved joint paint, cancer risk reduction, healthier heart, hair and skin, lifts depression and reduces Alzheimer’s risk. Not sure about you, but just reading that makes me want to reach for a bottle of fish oil! Believe it or not, but fish oil can actually can actually aid in reducing body fat!

Fat cells are inflammation powerhouses. Whether it's poor dieting or a sedentary lifestyle, fat cells produce large amounts of chemicals known as cytokines, as they grow. These chemical messengers activate a whole host of systems within the body associated with inflammation. Studies have shown that when excess belly fat is present, so are high levels of inflammatory chemicals, making fat cells basically inflammation manufacture centers! To make matters worse, high glycemic and sugar diets feed this inflammatory process.

In addition to the mainstays, fish oil is a great supplement that can help lose body fat. Fish oil provides the body with essential fatty acids (EFA), they are termed “essential” because the body cannot make them, you must consume them! EFA’s will not be turned into fat, rather the body uses these fatty acids to build up the outside layer of your cell walls. Insulin sensitivity and blood sugar are much more under control when your cells walls are composed of EFA's. Insulin sensitivity is important with fat loss because the easier insulin can bind to the cell, the better it can shuttle nutrients into the muscle to be stored and used for energy!

As listed before, fish oil decreases inflammation by way of decreasing the hormones that cause inflammation. Whats even more interesting is that the consumption of fish oil, seems to increase fat burning. This nutrient “turns on” your body’s lipolytic genes, increasing lipolysis (breakdown of fat). Not only does it increase the mobilization of fat but fish oil will also down-regulate the adipogenic gene. As a result; lowering the production of adipocytes (fat cells).

Top brands in my opinion are;

As far as doses go, there is a lot of research showing that 2-6 grams per day is sufficient. If you’re new to fish oil or haven’t taken it in awhile, start with 6 grams per day. After about a month taper to 3 grams per day!