Female Fat Loss: Six Strategies To Conquer It


The cruel myth out there these days is that starvation and female fat loss go hand-in-hand. Mainstream media and women's magazines are notorious for encouraging women to eat as little as possible! Never fear, these six strategies that will guide your fat loss efforts through the use of science-based tips.

Don't Slash Calories

The media has made women think that in order to lose weight you need to cut down on the amount of food you're consuming. Initially you will notice some weight-loss, however; your body will soon adapt and down-regulate your metabolism. This occurs in effort to preserve fuel stores and the result is, less calories burned on a daily basis!

As a rule of thumb, never consume less calories than your resting metabolic rate (RMR) requires. For those unfamiliar with RMR, it represents the amount of calories required for vital functions in a resting state. This magic number depends on body composition, genetics, diet, physical activity and the type of training you're doing! Consult a qualified personal trainer to make sure you're in the correct range!

Improve Your Estrogen Metabolism

When balanced, estrogen is a beneficial hormone to female body composition and overall health. If out of balance, estrogen can lead to health problems and increased fat storage!

There can be many reasons as to why your estrogen levels fall out of balance. One source is chemical estrogens found in everyday plastics and industrial compounds. Another is poor estrogen metabolism due to a poor diet, lack of physical activity and muscle tissue.

Here are some ways to get your estrogen levels back on track...

  • Make sure your personal care products are all-natural and avoid plastics.

  • Get plenty of physical activity and train with weights.

  • Fortify your diet around lean proteins, antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables (preferably cruciferous veggies like; broccoli and cauliflower).

Train For Muscle

Most of us know that muscle tissue is more metabolically active than body fat. Our muscles are calorie furnaces and require fuel to support and maintain them.

The process of training to "get strong" and "build muscle", is metabolically stressful and burns exponentially more calories during the recovery period. Also, strength training causes your body to release specific hormones - growth hormone - that have a fat burning and appetite blunting response!

Cut Out Unhealthy Carbs

Eliminating unhealthy, refined carbohydrates will do wonders in your war against body fat! For many, this task is easier said than done. 

Overeating processed carbohydrates causes dangerous things to happen within our body's. Insulin resistance being the main offender. When large amounts of sugary, processed carbohydrates are eaten, our body responds with a heavy release of insulin. Insulins job is to take these calories and shuttle them into our cells where they'll be used as fuel.

The problem arises when we overload on carbohydrates. When too much insulin is released, our cells turn away these calorie loaded insulin shuttles. This process primes our systems for fat storage (hooray) and it just so happens that your body's favorite spot to deposit fat is around the midsection and organs.

However, this cycle can be reversed by eating low carb for short period and restoring the body's sensitivity to insulin. During this time of low carb eating you'll replace carbs with quality proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables! All of these foods will work to decrease cravings and control hunger. Once stable you can slowly re-introduce healthy, complex carbohydrates into your diet.

Use Modified Strongman Training or Sprints For Cardio

Modified strongman training and sprints are a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) training. Sprints, farmers carry's, sled pushes and more are superior when it comes to burning body fat for a few reasons...

  1. A high amount of fuel (calories) is used during training.

  2. There is a large after-burn effect. Your body's metabolism is elevated, burning calories at an accelerated rate for up to 24 hours post-exercise!

  3. This type of exercise releases growth hormone, which is a primary fat burning hormone.

This is the style of "cardio" we use at The Gym of Avon because of the above benefits and the fact that it supports hard earned lean muscle! 

The problem with normal steady state cardio is that while you're burning fat, you're also breaking down muscle. Avoid this pitfall and another boring 40-minute treadmill stroll by simply running hill sprints or pushing a sled!

Eat High Quality Protein

Consuming quality protein is essential for becoming lean, especially around the midsection. Protein is useful for reducing belly fat because it controls hunger. It's not as easy to overeat protein as it is to overeat carbohydrates. Not only does consuming protein create a slight caloric deficit, it also preserves lean muscle mass as well! 

Plan your meals around protein rich foods and always drink a protein shake after you workout, this will have you on the right path.