Fat Loss: Supplement With Green Coffee Extract


Consuming a large dose of green coffee extract 1-3 times daily can lead to a significant amount of fat loss, without the hassle of restricting calories! 

There's no shortage of antioxidants when it comes to green coffee extract! These antioxidants aid in fat loss through inhibiting sugar absorption in the gut!

Research is also showing evidence that these little green beans can increase metabolic rate. Green coffee helps your liver metabolize fat, while blocking the absorption of dietary fat. This is encouraging for individuals who do not want to cut calories right off the bat!

Also, as an added bonus, taking a single dose of green coffee extract increases the levels of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor  (BDNF). So why should you care about BDNF? Well, when unregulated it enhances energy and fat metabolism within your body! Scientists have been looking in to this unique brain "factor". Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor is directly involved in optimal brain function, learning and memory!