Fat Loss? Start Your Day Off Right!


How you start is everything. This holds true especially when it comes to nutrition and foremost breakfast! If you're early morning meal consists of foods such as; oatmeal, granola, cereals, yogurt, fruit for example, you're actually hurting your fat loss efforts! 

Growing up, many of us have been taught that these foods listed above are healthy choices. For the most part, many of the are. The problem lies with when they're being eaten and how your body reacts to these specific types of macronutrients(carbs, proteins, fats).

Breakfast has been revered as the most important meal of the day for good reason, this meal sets the tone for energy, concentration and productivity. Not to mention, breakfast also dictates fat loss and how efficiently we can use fat for energy!

A commonality found in the foods above and most mainstream breakfast choices is that they're fill with carbohydrates! Carbs are a food you want to steer clear of in the morning because they...

  • Raise blood sugar

  • Increase cravings

  • Provide short energy burst

  • Spikes insulin causing your body to store calories rather than let go of them

  • Commonly followed by a "crash", resulting in poor food choices

Ok, so now we know that carbs are a no go in the AM, that only leaves two other macronutrients; protein and fats (the healthy ones!). This pairing is unstoppable in the morning because the protein allows for a slow and steady rise of blood sugar, while the fat allows for the blood sugar to remain stable.

Also, protein and fat take more time and energy for your body to breakdown, resulting in an up-regulated metabolism. Provide your body with lean proteins and healthy fats and it will reward you by taking energy (calories) from your fat cells and stripping body fat! Here are a few examples of top notch breakfast options...

  1. 4-6 ounces of chicken/turkey sausage paired with a small handful of pistachios

  2. 4-6 ounces of lean ground beef paired with a small handful of brazil nuts

  3. 2-4 whole eggs paired with half an avocado