Can You Consume Alcohol While Dieting


Upon starting a personal training and dieting program, many clients ask us if their enjoyment of alcohol is going to be a problem? The easy answer is yes, however; we understand that most clients do not want to completely eliminate alcoholic beverages from their lives. Implement the following instructions to still enjoy your favorite drinks and also lose weight!

Consuming alcohol blocks our body’s ability to oxidize (burn) fat. As a result, increasing the rate at which the body stores dietary fat, as body fat! This is no good if your goal is to improve your body composition.

In order to “drink” while on a fitness program, geared towards losing weight, it’s imperative to lower your frequency to one drink per week. Next, follow these tips to protect your body against excess fat storage:

  • Stay away from carb-laden drinks such as beer and fruity mixed beverages, dry wines are a good choice because of their low calorie content.

  • To minimize metabolic damage, restrict your intake of fatty foods. While drinking the majority of us will crave high fat, heavy carb junk food. Obviously this does not bode well for fat loss.

  • Get the vast majority of your calories from lean proteins, low carb/high fiber veggies and fruits! This combination will slow the rate at which alcohol reaches your blood.

Start with those strategies. Master them and you can enjoy a few drinks once per week and still achieve the physique you desire! Now that we have covered what to do while drinking, lets go over what can be done after the fact.

  • Consume probiotic foods such as; high quality yogurt, pickled foods, kombucha tea and kefir. Doing so provides your gut and liver with healthy bacteria and can accelerate the removal of toxins.

  • Drinking green tea will provide your body with a hefty amount of antioxidants. This enables the body to metabolize alcoholic compounds, removing them from the body.

  • Train like an animal! Simply put, sweating and increased breathing are two great ways to eliminate alcohol from the body.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Part of the pain caused from drinking is attributed to dehydration, so rehydrating is step 1. For step 2 you can add a squirt of lemon or lime juice to your water. This will provide minerals and bioflavonoids, which can help the body remove toxins faster!