Build Muscle And Strip Body Fat


Most of us have lives and jobs that do not leave a lot time for extra activities, one being working out. So, instead of cutting out the gym all together, we have to make our time count for more!

Barbell/Dumbbell Complexes are a great way to build muscle and strip fat when time is pressed! Done with enough intensity, this exercise will enhance muscle growth, along with fat loss. A Barbell/Dumbbell Complex, is of course performed with a barbell or dumbbells and consists of a series of exercises – done in a row – without putting the barbell or dumbbells down. Here are a few combination possibilities…

Option 1:

  1. Deadlift

  2. Row

  3. Clean

  4. Shoulder Press

  5. Back Squat

Option 2:

  1. Row

  2. High Pull

  3. Front Squat

  4. Press

  5. Back Squat

These are just a couple examples, don’t be afraid to get creative and mix together your favorite exercises! Just remember to base the weight off your weakest movement for form purposes. There are a few more things to know before unleashing you! First, its a good idea to keep repetitions around 6 and below, this will help you maintain form throughout the set. Secondly, all reps of one movement are performed before taking on the next one (ex. 6xDeadlift then 6xRow). Lastly, give yourself enough recovery time between sets, 2-3 minutes of rest.