Breaking Down Diet Soda


At first glance, diet soda seems as though it actually is a health conscious choice. Some of the “surface” benefits of diet soda compared to traditional soda is that, it is lower in calories, less “sugar” and it still still satisfies our urge for something sweet and fizzy!

It's obvious why individuals get duped into drinking this chemical cocktail, lets dig a bit deeper and discuss the cons diet soda presents!

Diet soda confuses the body…

Even though artificial sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin, sucralose) provide a low calorie option, they actually have more of an intense taste than their sugary counterparts! This presents an issue because it dulls our body’s senses to naturally sweet food (fruit), causing us to constantly crave that artificial sweetener.

Even worse, studies have shown that these “sugar substitutes” have the same effect on our body as real sugar! Triggering a strong insulin response (storage hormone) causing the body to retain fat and gain weight.

Increased consumption…

Yes, diet soda is calorie free, but as we learned earlier that does not always equal weight loss. Researchers revealed that over the course of a decade, diet soda drinkers increased their waist circumference – on average – by about 70%, compared to non-drinkers! An interesting note is that this increase is not entirely physiological (body) but rather psychological (mind).

When we know for a fact that the drink we’re consuming provides no added calories, it is easier to relax! As a result we either drink more or eat more calories from solid foods!

Increased risk of type-2 diabetes…

A study carried out at the University of Minnesota showed that regular consumption of diet soda is associated with a 36% increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes.

High blood pressure, high blood sugar, elevated cholesterol and an above average waist circumference are the conditions that make-up metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome puts individuals at risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes!

Low nutrient value…

Diet soda provides the body with zero nutrients. When we drink diet soda, we’re missing out on a chance to fuel our body with something nutritious like; water or natural-unsweetened tea. The human body ranges from 40-70% water, yet the majority of the population walks around dehydrated!

Tooth erosion…

Citric acid is a food additive that has been shown to erode tooth enamel and it's found in diet soda! Even more alarming, tooth decay from diet soda is at the same level as a cocaine or methamphetamine user!

Low bone density…

Osteoporosis is a bone condition that happens to women mainly in their 60's. Diet soda compounds the problem! A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that female soda drinkers displayed a low bone-mineral density.

If losing fat and improving body composition is a goal of yours, kick the diet soda!